A few words about my artwork series ….

Like most artists, my work has grouped into series or subjects – e.g., My Sister Series, The Snow, The Water, The Pear Trees, and many others.

Since the breast cancer diagnosis, I find the images have transitioned to more and more abstract although the figures have remained quite realistic in an impressionistic vein.

To date, there are two completed series – Sunrise to Sunrise and Moving On. Two series are currently underway – Other Side of the Mountain and Gift of Time.

(14 Pastel Paintings)

The Sun was still just below the horizon, where silvery clouds banked heavily as though sitting on the water. Quickly I sketched these morning extravaganzas to capture the deep steely blues, the pinks and reds. Through the next sleepless days and nights my sketch pad became filled with my torso, the pain of subconscious dread bringing forth a permanent farewell to my body as I knew it, before altered by mastectomy.

The series opens and closes with a Gulf of Mexico sunrise, figuratively enclosing the twelve self-portraits.

(18 Mixed Media Paintings)

To paint myself “As I Am Now” and to reveal the reconstruction, demanded works more exploratory, more experimental, allowing my subconscious to bring forth symbolic images representing the breast cancer changes to my life.


The Moving On continues. One always wonders what lies ahead in life. The childhood song of “The Bear Went Over the Mountain, To See What He Could See” kept going through my mind and the chorus of “other side of the mountain” became obvious.

Many of the paintings reflect what one would see on a travel to get to the other side of the mountain: forest and path, sun and rain, moon and milky way stars. The figure paintings are more transitional representations of my reconstructed body plus the bodies and torsos of men.


Dedicated to science and research that is devoted to cancer – especially breast and prostate cancer plus the mysteries of cancer dormancy. Each painting includes a piece of a watch, symbolizing a gift of time. As I stand before my easel, colors coming from my heart, the name comes to my mind so strongly that I know it must be the title for this canvas – thus, you see, the Gift of Time as a series may never end as long as I am able to paint.